We are seeking qualified interns to help with a number of research projects. If you are dedicated to excellence in research and looking for opportunites to expand your experience, consider working with us!

Time Period:
Currently accepting applicants for fall/winter 2015 and spring/summer 2016.
Flexible schedules available.

Chicago, IL

Subject Areas:
Sex Work, Urban Studies, Criminal Justice, Gender Studies, Public Policy

Applicants should be working towards a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Social Sciences or related field. Minimum requirement of 3 credit hours in research methods already completed and two semester’s-worth of classes towards a degree completed.

Advanced/Project-Based Requirements:
More advanced students can qualify to conduct original research or complete an internship as an assistant project manager for an established project. These applicants should have completed at least a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science or related field and intend to complete higher-level studies. However, applicants who are close to completing their degree may also be considered on a case-by-case basis. Applicants should demonstrate a competency in multiple research methods and have experience conducting original research and/or assisting with larger research studies. Minimum of 9 credit hours in research methods completed.

Interns will work with a team to develop and impliment projects which may include a variety of methods such as surveys, interviews, focuss group interviews, quantitative analysis and textual analysis. Interns will be expected to be available to conduct research in the Chicago area although hours-per-week and length of internship may vary by project and applicant availability. Information about current projects available uppon request. Proposals for original research will be considered from qualified applicants.

Email to inquire further or download an application:

MPRC research application