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Migrants in Athens Forced into Sex Work
In the ongoing refugee crisis gripping Europe, many migrants in Greece are resorting to desperate measures. Increasingly, young migrants with few resources, low language skills, and unstable asylum status have turned to selling their bodies... Read more

Add South Korea to the list of Governments Still Clueless about Sex Work

It’s not surprising to hear that many people in developed countries don’t have much knowledge about the sex industry. Without personal experience, people can go a life time without ever knowingly encountering people who have participated in it or seeing... Read more

The Complex Relationship Between LGBQT Youth and Porn

Buzzfeed News reports an interview with a prominent youtube star whose story highlights the complexities of stigma and limited choice faced by LGBQT youth. He was criticized for being gay, criticized for making porn, and now criticized for apologizing. Perhaps… Read more

Bitcoin & Sex Work

The Latest in the Sex Work vs. Trafficking battle By now, those who have spent any time thinking or reading about sex work advocacy in the U.S. are becoming familiar with the perennial debate between anti-trafficking and sex worker’s rights… Read more

The History of Prostitution & Trafficking Law in the U.S.

Mann Act 1910
Drawing upon federal jurisdiction over interstate commerce, the Mann Act penalized the transportation of people across state lines for the purpose of prostitution. The buying and selling of sex itself is still largely left up to state law.... Read more

Boys Found Trafficked in Big Bust

The BBC reports on a multi-state trafficking bust. Young victims include boys and transgender teens

The Ins and Outs of the Rentboy Raid

The MPRC would like to suggest this think piece for further reading about the Rentoby raids. Lauren Williams does a nice job of mentioning multiple complexities surrounding the issue.

Male Sex Worker Targeted

by Libby Trudeau, site administrator.
In Chicago and other cities across the U.S. lately, there’s much buzz about “reverse stings” where undercover law enforcement officers combat prostitution by targeting and arresting johns. While the merits of only criminalizing the buying of sex vs. decriminalizing prostitution all together... Read more

Online Prostitution Under Fire: Rentboy CEO Faces Serious Charges

New York Daily News reports that a recent police bust could cause a major upset in the world of online male prostitution. Jeffery Hurant the CEO of one of the largest male “escort” websites in the world has recently come... Read more

Jane Dodsworth: Pathways into Sexual Exploitation and Sex Work

Risk Factors Examined but Men Still Left Out
Palgrave Macmillion is about to release a book entiteld Pathways into Sexual Exploitation and Sex Work: The Experience of Victimhood and Agency by Dr. Jane Dodsworth. Her examination of the interplay of risk factors in a sex worker’s life seems to offer an intriguing paradigm through which to view the path to sex work... Read more

Drugs & Other Stories

A Vice Magazine Reporter Explores how some UK Men Deal with Addiction and Sex Work

US News Reports Big Data Mining Can Combat Sex Trafficking

One example of how for-profit companies and human rights groups can team together to make a difference. News Story Here



Decriminalization: Promoting or Curtailing Human Rights?
Amnesty International's recently released draft of a policy for the protection of the human rights of sex workers has rekindled an age-old debate about the legal status of prostitution... Read more