Our Mission:
To increase the knowledge and awareness of men in sex work.

Target Audience:
For professionals, academics, and anyone who wants to engage with the issues of men in the sex trade.

The Male Prostitution Research Center seeks to increase knowledge and awareness of issues faced by men in sex work by both curating research and news that others have presented, and sponsoring and encouraging new inquiry. There are many different opinions about how to address the issues faced by these men, but there is little doubt that they face prejudice, a lack of resources, and a lack of understanding. There is still a disturbing lack of information about issues involving men in sex work even for law enforcement and care providers. We seek to provide a space where anyone can learn about these problems and discuss how to address them. We do this in service of men everywhere who face disparities, danger, and stigma due to sex work or trafficking.

Emmaus Ministries is an organization that, since 1990, has served men involved in survival sex work. During that time, we have seen public awareness and compassion for men in sex work and male victims of trafficking grow only minutely. Often, we find that conversations that do happen get stalled due to ideological differences regarding the legalization of sex work, whether it should be treated as work or exploitation, and whether the men involved should be treated as criminals or victims. It is impossible for all men involved in the sex trade and everyone who advocates for them to agree on one simple solution to address the complicated issues involved; however, it is necessary to foster the discussion, learn the facts through academic and journalistic inquiry, and do our best to address the needs these men face while discovering areas of common ground.

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